Therealskitso: The Experiment

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Photo courtesy of Therealskitso

Buffalo, New York producer/emcee Therealskitso teamed up with Canadian producer Frank Grimes at the start of 2019 for a project titled“The Experiment.” The result was a grimy, sample-based release filled with tales from the streets. The duo reconvened most recently to create a sequel called, “The Experiment 2.”

The Experiment 2 features production by Frank Grimes and Therealskitso himself. The 7-track EP features appearances by John Jacob and ToneyBoi.

Therealskitso spoke to The Real Hip-Hop about how he releases pain with his pen, what it’s like working with producer Frank Grimes, and their new EP, The Experiment 2.

TRHH: How would you compare The Experiment 2 to the first one?

Therealskitso: The Experiment 2 is a little darker. It’s a little more street. Experiment 1 was some lyrical/street shit. The second one is straight street and the majority of the production is by me. The majority of the production on the first one is by Frank Grimes. I’m experimenting and mixing it up and shit. It’s kind of dark.

TRHH: Mixing it up; is that the meaning behind the title of The Experiment?

Therealskitso: Yep. Sometimes I go off my beats, sometimes I go off his beats. Switching it up – experimenting and shit.

TRHH: Being a producer yourself, was it difficult for you to share production duties with Frank Grimes?

Therealskitso: Nah, man. Actually nah. I kinda like it going off other people’s beats and shit. He’s the first producer that I really did that with. It’s kinda cool.

TRHH: You flipped the Esther Phillips sample that Q-Tip most famously used for Mobb Deep’s Give up the Goods for your song “Tryna Shyne.” What made you decide to put your own spin on that loop?

Therealskitso: I just love that sample so much, man. I know you’re familiar with Jeru the Damaja – Whatever by DJ Premier?

TRHH: Yep.

Therealskitso: That’s one of my favorite records and shit. I’m like, “You know what? Let me see if I can spin this record one more time” and I came out with Tryna Shyne.”

TRHH: On the song “Pain” you spit non-stop without a chorus and touch on a lot of different things. What inspired you to write that song?

Therealskitso: Just life, man. One day I was sitting back making beats and I came up with that loop. I’m like, “Let me put some of this pain that I’m feeling on the paper and shit.” At the time I had lost a couple of friends and shit. That’s what made me really come up with the record – the pain and how I was feeling at that moment and shit.

TRHH: Is making music therapeutic for you?

Therealskitso: Yeah. Yeah, man [laughs]. Very. When I’m feeling some type of way I just go to the beat machine, come up with some beats and some lyrics, and get to work.

TRHH: What’s your drum machine of choice?

Therealskitso: I just use Fruity Loops Studio, man. I don’t even got no drum machine. I got a little MIDI controller. It ain’t a drum machine but it look like one. That’s all I use.

TRHH: What’s the meaning behind Therealskitso name?

Therealskitso: Well it was “Skitso” originally. Some dude from L.A. got the name Skitso too. His lawyer sent me some shit in the mail about the name and shit. I guess he supposedly had the name first, so I had to switch up to “Therealskitso.”

TRHH: What’s your favorite joint on The Experiment 2?

Therealskitso: Man, I like all of them. I don’t really have a favorite joint. I bang out to all them joints. I’m going to be completely honest with you, all them joints my favorite.

TRHH: What’s next up for Therealskitso?

Therealskitso: I got a lil’ EP coming out in late August called “Born Alone, Die Alone.” That’s my solo EP and shit. I got Project Pat on there, Ray Vandetta, and I’m working on a couple more features, too. By late August that’ll be out.

Purchase: Frank Grimes & Therealskitso – The Experiment 2

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